Here is a comprehensive summary of the features offered by Inji Certify.

Key Features:

1. Credential Issuance:

  • Inji Certify empowers issuers to seamlessly issue verifiable credentials using the Sunbird C component. Leveraging existing data sources, issuers can connect with the database, assuming a primary key for each data record and requisite user authentication information.

  • This feature enables the configuration of multiple credential schemas for various certificate types. Certificates are generated in JSON-LD format compliant with W3C VC v1.1 standards, ensuring interoperability and compatibility.

2. Ease of Installation:

  • Installing Inji Certify is made simple and hassle-free with its streamlined setup process. A single shell serves as the startup script, seamlessly connecting two Docker-compose scripts.

  • This approach simplifies the installation procedure, reducing complexity and minimizing the time required to deploy Inji Certify. With an emphasis on ease of use, Inji Certify ensures a smooth installation experience for users, enabling swift deployment and integration into existing systems.

Note: We have published an installation guide as the first step to use Inji Certify

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