Version 0.9.0

Release Name: Inji Web v0.9.0

Support: Developer Release

Release Date: 29th June, 2024


Inji Web 0.9.0 introduces a dedicated repository for configurations specific to Inji stack, significant tech upgrades in addition to Localization and Theme Customization support along with UI enhancements.


Below are the details for the Inji Version 0.9.0 release:

inji-config Repository to maintain inji stack related configurations.

Tech Upgrades

  1. CSS library: Inji Web has moved from MaterialUI to Tailwind CSS library for more flexibility.

  2. Conversion of JS to TS: Migration of React project from javascript to typescript.


  1. Localization: Inji Web now supports below languages:

    • International : English, French and Arabic

    • Indian : Hindi, Kannada, Tamil

  2. Theme Customization: Inji Web offers theme customization of the UI.

UI Enhancements

  1. Responsive views: Users can now view Inji Web portal in Tablets and Mobile devices.

  2. PDF Layout changes The layout of the VC generated as PDF is now in similar lines of VC detailed view in Inji Mobile.

Repository Released


Tags Released

Inji Web



Known Issues

Below are the list of known issues. To read in detail click here.

Jira ID


Inji-web: Getting invalid credentials error message for valid data, when we leave authentication page idle for sometime

Injiweb: If the browser zoom in incresed then the some of options are not visible

INJIWEB: After navigating to Issuer type page , close/back button is missing in the esignet page

Injiweb: credential strings are not properly displayed for diff dimensions under mosip issuer

Injiweb: If the filed values are not provided during policy creation, in downloaded VC getting expressions directly

Injiweb: Observed access violation when "IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker" executed on inji-web portal

Inji-web: QR code is not working on VC card

Inji-web: :Not getting proper error message when the website is down

Bug Fixes

Below are the list of fixes as part of 0.9.0 release:

Jira ID


Inji-web: Multi languages support is not working at Authentication window

Inji-web: Observed drop down box in search bar at issuer selection page as well as at credential download pages

Inji-web: Data in VC(PDF) are not properly aligned

Inji-web: attributes are missing compared to the VC on inji mobile


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