In the current dynamic and globalized world, it is crucial to enhance residents' access to vital services such as healthcare, financial equality, global travel, and assistance. An essential requirement for accessing these services is the authentication of individuals' identity and sharing data to prove eligibility. At present, individuals often manage multiple physical identification documents and certificates, each necessary for different rights and services.
Inji is evolving as a user-centric digital credential stack for all types of credentials and identification solutions. It enables:
  • Issuance of Verifiable Credentials both in digital and in physical form
  • Users at the centre of holding and sharing credentials
  • Tools and utilities that help verifying the credential
  • Tools and services that enable Trust and Governance
What does Inji mean?
In Korean, Inji means knowing or recognizance. Hence, the word Inji resonates with the purpose it has been built for.

Key advantages of Inji

A digital credential stack to facilitate an ecosystem with high trust at low-cost:
  • Serves as a secure user wallet for storing and managing ID credentials.
  • Streamlines the process of obtaining authenticated ID credentials.
  • Supports decentralized ID verification through offline sharing.
  • Allows users to have full control over the data shared with service providers, ensuring privacy protection.
  • Facilitates seamless access to multiple websites and services using the same login information, enhancing convenience and security.
  • Simplifies the registration process for government benefits, such as pensions or healthcare services, and enhances efficiency in situations where users need to provide their identification credentials. For example, it enables the presentation of VCs during airport security checks.
  • Issue credentials of various types in multiple formats.
  • Verify credentials as per your convenience and need.
  • Share credentials securely in a privacy preserving manner.
  • Enables ecosystem participation by providing governance and trust frameworks.
Inji provides a practical, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for consolidating various forms of identification and credentialling. It seamlessly integrates with MOSIP and can easily adapt to other ID systems through a dedicated integration process.
In summary, Inji offers a digital credential stack for create, issue, manage, share, verify, and consume credentials. The key components include:
  • Inji Mobile Wallet: Secure, trustworthy, and dependable mobile Verifiable Credentials wallet
  • Inji Web: Easy to use web-portal making credentials accessible to everyone
  • Inji Certify (issuance): Issue credentials of any type in multiple formats
  • Inji Verify: Tools and utilities to verify credentials
  • Inji Infra: Revocation, Ledger, Status, Resolution, Federation
  • Inji Govern: Policies, Schemas, Assurance, Parties
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