In the rapidly evolving and interconnected world we live in today, ensuring widespread access to essential services such as healthcare, financial equality, global mobility, and support is of paramount importance. Central to accessing these services is the authentication of individuals' identities and the secure sharing of data to validate eligibility. Currently, individuals often juggle multiple physical identification documents and certificates, each necessary for various rights and services. It’s cumbersome for anyone to manage a pile of physical documents and can be prone to loss or fraud.

Introducing Inji: User-Centric Digital Credential Stack

Inji (meaning "knowing" or "recognizance" in Korean) is evolving into a user-centric digital credential stack. It aims to streamline all types of credentials and identification solutions by enabling:

  • Secure issuance of verifiable credentials in both digital and physical formats

  • User-centric credential management: Empowering individuals to hold and share their credentials securely

  • Easy verification tools: Tools and utilities help verify the authenticity of credentials, simplifying the process of credential verification

  • Interoperability by leveraging global standards and specifications such as Verifiable Credentials Data Model (W3C VC) and OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OI4VCI) to enable various actors (governmental, social, and private market) to participate, offer solutions, and solve for diverse use-cases Trust and governance framework: Providing tools and services to foster trust and governance, ensuring a secure and reliable ecosystem for all

What does Inji include?

In Summary, Inji provides a complete solution for managing verifiable credentials across their entire lifecycle. It offers a suite of tools to Create, Issue, Manage, Share, Verify and Consume Credentials. Key modules include:

  1. INJI Mobile Wallet: Secure, trustworthy, dependable, and decentralized mobile wallet enabling users to Download, Manage, Share, Verify verifiable credentials.

  2. INJI Web: Easy to use web portal making credentials accessible to all, allowing users to download, print, store, and share verifiable credentials physically.

  3. INJI Certify (issuance): Empowering issuers to create, sign, issue, bind, and store/hold verifiable credentials in multiple formats.

  4. INJI Verify: Tools and utilities to consume and verify authenticity of credentials.

  5. INJI Infra: Support essential functionality for Revocation, Ledger, Status, Resolution, Federation of verifiable credentials.

  6. INJI Govern: Frameworks to define Policies, Schemas, Assurance, and Parties in context of verifiable credentials.

In essence, Inji is a comprehensive digital verifiable credentials' stack, designed to foster a high-trust, low-cost ecosystem.

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