Generate QR Code

This guide will assist in creating a verifiable credential from an existing data source, converting it into a QR code, and then verifying the QR code online.

Steps to Generate Verifiable Credential:

  1. Install Inji Certify: Follow the installation guide available on the Github Repository.

  2. Generate Verifiable Credential: By following the provided documentation, users will be able to generate a verifiable credential in JSON-LD format using Inji Certify.

  3. Copy the credential body(value of 'credential' from credential response) from the generated credential from Inji Certify to pass it as a data parameter to generateQRCode from Pixelpass library.

Steps to Generate QR Code:

  1. Steps to create QR code using node -

    • Create a directory and npm init

    • npm install @mosip/pixelpass

    • Enter node shell -

    • const {generateQRData} = require('@mosip/pixelpass')

    • generateQRCode(JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(<credential_data>)))

  2. Save QR Code Image: Copy the image data and paste it into the browser URL. Save the QR code image.

Steps to Verify QR Code:

The below steps are valid once it is deployed in your local system by following the local setup guide.

  1. Open Inji Verify Portal: Access the Inji Verify portal in your browser once it is deployed in your local setup.

  2. Upload QR Code: Select the 'upload QR code' option and upload the QR code retrieved from the Pixelpass integrated app. To see how the upload feature works you can refer to our end-user guide.

  3. Verify QR Code: If the QR code is valid, credentials will be displayed along with a success message.

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