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Welcome to the "Try It Out" section! Here, we offer you hands-on experience to better understand how our product works and how you can leverage its features. This section will guide you through some simple steps to get started.

If you're a developer or a partner interested in experiencing or integrating with Inji Web, we invite you to explore our designated sandbox environments.

Collab: Development Integration Environment

Collab serves as our development integration environment, featuring QA-tested dockers. It's a dedicated space where our partners and contributors can build on the platform or integrate with the latest QA-tested version of the code.

This environment undergoes regular nightly builds from our engineering team, making it a hub for continuous development activities.

How to use:

Access resources on Collab, our sandbox environment, through the provided link.

Synergy: Stable Integration Environment

Synergy represents our stable environment, where the most recently released version of the MOSIP platform and applications are deployed for partners to seamlessly integrate and conduct testing.

For quick access to environment related resources, please visit the provided link.

Feedback and Support

If you require any assistance or encounter any issues during the testing and integration process, kindly reach out to us through the support mechanism provided below.

  • Navigate to Community.

  • Provide a detailed description about the support you require or provide detailed information about the issue you have encountered, including steps to reproduce, error messages, logs and any other relevant details.

Explore the Try it Out sections of Inji Modules from below:

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