Version 0.11.0-Inji

Release Name: Inji 0.11.0-Inji

Support: Developer Release

Release Date: 29th March, 2024


We are excited to announce the release of Inji Version 0.11.0 . This release is compatible with v0.11.0 Mimoto release. As part of 0.11.0, Inji introduces below mentioned key features:

  • VC download using KBI

  • Data backup and restore

  • Improved UI / UX

In the recent past, Inji mobile app had undergone GenderMag analysis which addresses gender / inclusivity bias in software. In this release, we have incorporated GenderMag features for UI / UX in inclusivity space.

To know more about the GenderMag UI/UX changes in the application, please refer here.


Please find below the details for the Inji Version 0.11.0 release:

VC download using KBI method

Inji Mobile wallet has proven capability to integrate with any credential issuer supporting OpenID protocol and issues Verifiable Credentials (VCs) based on OpenID4VCI standards. To demonstrate the implementation of VC download using KBI (Knowledge Based Identification), Inji mobile wallet when integrated with eSignet 1.4.0, can connect with any issuer preferring KBI-based identification.

To know more about, KBI, refer here.

Data backup and restore

Inji mobile wallet currently offers data backup and restore functionality using Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iOS to safely store residents' Verifiable Credentials(VCs) on resident's preferred cloud platform. This ensures security and accessibility. Resident can also easily restore backed up information as required, and thereby enabling seamless user experience whether the resident uses Android or iOS.


The GenderMag Method is a process and also a set of materials helpful in investigating gender biases during resident's problem-solving experiences with software. Gendermag adheres to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) principles and thereby factor in gender differences interaction with software. As part of GenderMag walkthrough, we have identified inclusivity bugs with respect to UI / UX in Inji mobile. Version 0.11.0 includes UI / UX changes for P1 items.

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Known Issues

Redmi devices are not supported in this release. To know more, refer here.

Mentioned below is the list of other known issues.

Jira issueIssue description

Android- Occasionally, unable to activate the restored VC

Inji-Unable to download when user attempted to restore VCs in a new device

INJI- Unable to download the card with a new UIN

IOS - Upon sharing sunbird VC twice and then upon sharing Mosip VC, app crashes

Android - During face authentication, app crashes on a specific device

INJI - Backup doesn't append the new data, but replaces the data

Android- Specific device, Redmi 7A- During face authentication, app crashes

Redmi 6A device is not compatible with Inji's Tuwali version

Upon changing the finger authentication in the device, application does not display the error pop up for biometrics change

Android - All downloaded VC's are deleted in specific device

Inji- Even upon Wallet failure, the verifier receives success message on the specific devices

Android - Couldn't share VCs between Two specific android devices

Android - Unable to share VC for specific combination

Android - VC transfer fails intermittently for specific device

Inji- The Inji application is not stable. Occasionally, unable to activate the VC

Verifier app crashes upon face authentication

Inji - Unable to save received VC error. Displays as Identity proofs are tampered

Unable able to retrieve VID / UIN from the AID which is raised through pre-registration process

Android - Couldn't share VC between two specific android devices as device crashes

Ios - Redmi 6A doesn't connect with any IOS devices

Android - Redmi 6A idoesn't connect with any android devices

Error message for Invalid OTP is not correctly displayed during VC activation

Bug Fixes

Jira issueSeverityIssue description


Inji - App crashes during click of OTP re-send button of download through AID


Android - Received VC's are deleted


Android - App crashes during the first launch


Inji- Occasionally, user is unable to share immediately


Inji-During activation, VC in ID details page displays the green color toaster message on home screen


Inji- MOSIP logo changes according to the issuer


Inji - Deleted VC's HMAC data is not deleted


Inji-Paragraph border is displayed in color, orange for purple theme selection


Loading time for VC is longer than expected time


Inji- VC sharing is failing intermittently using selfie with share feature


App closes upon re-send code during VC activation through kebab popup


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