UI Customizations

Inji Web is built using tailwind CSS library.

Below sections provides instructions on how themes can be customized in Inji Web application.


InjiWeb uses two different files to handle the customization in UI.

1. tailwind.config.js:

Here, properties related to the font and colors for each component is maintained.

/** @type {import('tailwindcss').Config} */
module.exports = {
    darkMode: 'selector',
    content: [
    theme: {
        extend: {
                base: 'var(--iw-font-base)',
            colors: {
                iw: {
                    background: 'var(--iw-color-background)',
                    header: 'var(--iw-color-header)',
                    footer: 'var(--iw-color-footer)',
                    title: 'var(--iw-color-title)',
                    subTitle: 'var(--iw-color-subTitle)',
                    searchTitle: 'var(--iw-color-searchTitle)',
                    primary: 'var(--iw-color-primary)',
                    helpAccordionHover: 'var(--iw-color-helpAccordionHover)',
                    shadow: 'var(--iw-color-shadow)',
                    spinningLoaderPrimary: 'var(--iw-color-spinningLoaderPrimary)',
                    spinningLoaderSecondary: 'var(--iw-color-spinningLoaderSecondary)',
                    navigationBar: 'var(--iw-color-navigationBar)',
                    languageGlobeIcon: 'var(--iw-color-languageGlobeIcon)',
                    languageArrowIcon: 'var(--iw-color-languageArrowIcon)',
                    languageCheckIcon: 'var(--iw-color-languageCheckIcon)',
                    closeIcon: 'var(--iw-color-closeIcon)',
                    searchIcon: 'var(--iw-color-searchIcon)',
                    tileBackground: 'var(--iw-color-tileBackground)',
                    shieldSuccessIcon: 'var(--iw-color-shieldSuccessIcon)',
                    shieldErrorIcon: 'var(--iw-color-shieldErrorIcon)',
                    shieldLoadingIcon: 'var(--iw-color-shieldLoadingIcon)',
                    shieldSuccessShadow: 'var(--iw-color-shieldSuccessShadow)',
                    shieldErrorShadow: 'var(--iw-color-shieldErrorShadow)',
                    shieldLoadingShadow: 'var(--iw-color-shieldLoadingShadow)',
    plugins: [require('tailwindcss-rtl')],


2. index.css

    * This file maintains the css properties for each theme in the css variables.
    * During the deployment, the theme properties will get applied based on the theme selected.


@layer base {
    :root {
        --iw-font-base: "Inter", sans-serif;
        --iw-color-background: #FFFFFF;
        --iw-color-header: #000000;
        --iw-color-shieldLoadingIcon: #ff914b;
        --iw-color-shieldSuccessShadow: #f1f7ee;
        --iw-color-shieldErrorShadow: #FEF2F2;
        --iw-color-shieldLoadingShadow: #f6dfbe;
    .purple_theme {
        --iw-font-base: "Gentium Plus", serif;
        --iw-color-background: #bcaaf3;
        --iw-color-header: #8f69ec;
        --iw-color-shieldErrorIcon: #4518de;
        --iw-color-shieldLoadingIcon: #5b32f1;
        --iw-color-shieldSuccessShadow: #f1f7ee;
        --iw-color-shieldErrorShadow: #FEF2F2;
        --iw-color-shieldLoadingShadow: #f6dfbe;

Setting Defaults for Inji Web Application :

In the env.config.js file, below properties is used to customize the application during the deployment.

window._env_ = {
    DEFAULT_TITLE: "Inji Web",

DEFAULT_THEME: This property helps you to customize the theme, currently Inji Web Supports two different Themes

1. Default Theme - “”
2. Purple Theme - “purple_theme”

DEFAULT_LANG: - This property helps you to specify the default language during the deployment.

DEFAULT_TITLE: - This property helps you to specify the default title of the INJIWEB during the deployment.

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