In this fast-paced and increasingly interconnected world, it has become essential for governments to make the resident's access to rights and services as efficient as possible.
From healthcare to financial equity, international travel and aid, every service requires residents to be able to verify their identity.
Citizens today often carry multiple forms of physical ID, each needed to access a different right and service.
Introducing Inji – a mobile application (MOSIP Resident app) that stores all forms of ID and credentials in a single digital wallet, allowing identity verification through just a selfie!
What does Inji mean? In Korean, Inji means knowing or recognizance. Hence, the word Inji resonates with the purpose it has been built for.

Benefits of Inji

• Can be used as a user wallet to store credentials.
• Allows for onboarding of signed ID credentials from the server.
• Supports decentralized ID verification through offline sharing.
• Can be used to register for social benefits on government portals (such as pension or healthcare services, and complete security checks at airports).
• Residents can also provide explicit consent on what data is shared with service providers, to protect their privacy.
To summarize, Inji is:
  • a convenient, safe, and cost-effective way to carry all IDs in a single place.
  • pre-integrated with MOSIP and able to work with any other ID system through a designed integration exercise.
  • a local and decentralized way to verify identity.
  • inclusive of those in remote areas without network coverage.
Through solutions like Inji, the team remains committed to developing safe, trusted, and inclusive technology, bringing us closer to a truly equitable world.
Credentials on the Inji (mobile app) need to be downloaded once. Then, the app can be used to verify online and offline IDs at any time, eliminating the dependence on network coverage.
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