BLE Verifier

  • This is the module built for verifiers to receive VC via BLE. This is a wrapper built on Tuvali with simplified APIs.



  • Add a dependency in package.json

  • Publishing npm module is WIP. Once it's published, it can be integrated as any other npm module.

API Specification

The following APIs are exposed to instantiate, start the transfer and stop the transfer

Constructor for initialization

  • This API initializes the BLE module using the provided configuration. This initialization process allows for the sharing of configuration information for advertisement purposes. A new instance is created with each initialization.

  • It is recommended to use one instance per session and to initialize a new instance for each subsequent session.

  • The configuration passed to the constructor includes a parameter called deviceName. This name is included in the advertisement payload during the BLE advertisement. It is important to note that this field has a character limit of 11 characters.


    constructor(configOptions: ConfigOptions) {
      Initialise verifier service with provided configuration
    ConfigOptions {
      deviceName: string;






device name used during advertisement

deviceName is the parameter

API to start transfer

  • This API starts with advertisement for establishing the connection

  • Internally interacts with Tuvali to start advertisement

  • Update state to Advertising

  • Once the secure connection is established, navigate through to state to complete the transfer


   startTransfer() {
    Start Advertisement
    Interact with tuvali to start advertisement
    update state to Advertising

API to stop transfer

  • This API has to be called explicitly to stop the connection

  • Connection can be stopped either after successful transfer or user wants to cancel the transfer

  • Once the connection is disconnected, state is updated to Idle


stopTransfer() {
 disconnect the connection
 update state to Idle

Types of states supported

  • Idle

  • Advertising

  • Connected

  • Secure Connection Established

  • Requested

  • Received

  • Error

  • Disconnected

Transitions between states is shown below:

Note: If either the sender or receiver decides to cancel the transfer at any stage, the state will transition to Disconnected and become Idle as a result.

Inji Mobile integration workflow with BLE Verifier SDK and Face Match SDK

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