Functional Overview

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are digital equivalents of physical documents such as passports or licenses. They are digitally signed, ensuring they are tamper-resistant and can be instantly verified. Issued by trusted entities, VCs can be stored in digital wallet apps like Inji Mobile Wallet or downloaded as a PDF file by individuals using Inji Web, a smart web-based solution.

Below are the key features provided by Inji Web:


Users can simply select an issuer from the trusted list of issuers and credential types, verify themselves with their information, and download the Verifiable Credential as a PDF file.

Store (coming soon)

Inji Web additionally offers users the capability to securely store Verifiable Credentials in the cloud, enabling convenient access and presentation anytime, anywhere, and on-the-go.

Manage (coming soon)

Users can view the downloaded credentials and access their activity logs for additional auditing purposes.

Share (coming soon)

The downloaded Verifiable Credential in PDF format can be shared with service providers for verification either as a printed copy or by uploading the PDF file to the verifier website. Alternatively, it can be shared using an online sharing mechanism as a response to any verifier's presentation request.

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