Inji Web Setup Guide

Welcome to the Inji Web Setup Guide tailored specifically to our Collab Environment!

Follow through the steps outlined in this guide and explore the Inji Web in our sandbox Collab environment for its features and functionalities.

Whether you're a Developer, System Integrator, or an enthusiast eager to dive into the world of digital identity, the guide is going to provide you with the necessary information to get started with Inji Web in our Collab environment.

Explore with mock data

If you are looking to try out Inji Web in our Collab environment, please follow the below procedure:

  1. To get sample MOSIP National ID credentials, we request you to initiate the process by completing the form available here.

  2. For sample Insurance Credentials (Sunbird), please provide the below details in the eSignet authentication page:

    • Policy Number: 55555

    • Name: TGSStudio

    • DoB: 26/01/2000

Steps to use:

  • Launch link to access collab environment resources.

  • Click on the INJIWEB link which will launch the Inji Web portal in the browser.

  • Refer here for step-wise download.

  • Provide the above credentials in the eSignet page to download the credentials.

  • QR Code for Sunbird credentials is present in the detailed view.

Create your own Credentials

This section outlines the process of creating your own insurance credentials:

Step 1: Creation:

Inji Certify also offers to generate your own credentials which can be used for testing / development purposes.

To understand the steps to generate your own Insurance credentials from Sunbird, refer here.

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