Local setup

This document aims to assist users in setting up Inji Web on their local environment, offering step-by-step instructions to replicate the platform's functionality on their machine for development or testing purposes.


Clone the repositories in the local to bring up your own setup. Repository information can be fetched from here.


In order to run Inji Web locally, Node 18 is required. Please follow the below step to install node.

Node 18 - Can be installed using nvm. Run following commands to install node

$ curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nvm-sh/nvm/v0.39.7/install.sh | bash
$ nvm install 18

Folder Structure:

  • helm: folder contains helm charts required to deploy on K8S

  • inji-web: contains the source code and Dockerfile

Run Inji Web in local:

Let's explore how to initiate Inji Web locally after completing the setup on your local environment.

  • Run following commands to start the application:

$ cd ./inji-web
$ npm install
$ npm start

Run npm test to run tests

  • Build and run Docker for a service:

$ cd ./inji-web
$ docker build -t <dockerImageName>:<tag> .
$ docker run -it -d -p 3000:3000 <dockerImageName>:<tag>

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