Version 0.10.0

Release Name: Inji 0.10.0

Upgrade From: Inji 0.9.0

Support: Developer Release

Release Date: 19th December, 2023


We are pleased to announce the release of Inji Version 0.10.0. This release builds upon Inji 0.9.1, introducing key features and improvements.

  • OpenID Support for Verifiable Credentials: Inji 0.10.0 introduces support for OpenID, facilitating the issuance of verifiable credentials.

  • Enhanced Security for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data: A significant focus has been placed on reinforcing security measures related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

  • Facial Recognition for Transaction Authorization: This version introduces advanced facial recognition capabilities to elevate the security of transaction authorization processes.

  • Improved UI/UX: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) have undergone refinement to provide users with an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interaction.

  • Application ID (AID): Inji 0.10.0 now includes an Application ID, contributing to streamlined identification and tracking.


Below is the detailed summary of the release.

Enhanced UI/UX

  • A redesigned interface promises improved usability and a more intuitive experience.

  • Navigation buttons have been updated to prominently display primary functionalities.

  • Secondary functionalities, such as viewing received Verifiable Credentials (VC) and displaying QR codes, have been relocated under the settings menu for a streamlined experience.

  • The introduction of new and detailed error messages, along with app warnings, aims to enhance transparency and overall usability.

Enhanced Security

  • Securely stored encryption of private keys using the Android hardware keystore for heightened security.

  • Implemented hash algorithms for verifying the integrity of downloaded and received Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

  • Enhanced password security with the implementation of password hashing algorithms.

  • App now proactively responds to security breaches by initiating a self-reset or eliminating tampered Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

OpenID Support

  • Inji now seamlessly integrates with OpenID, expanding support for Verifiable Credentials (VC).

  • The app is now equipped to onboard Identity Providers (IdP), offering users a choice when interacting with issuers.

  • Introduces new screens allowing users to select issuers before downloading Verifiable Credentials (VC).

  • eSignet and MOSIP have been successfully onboarded as Identity Providers within Inji.

Advanced Facial Recognition authorization

Inji now employs advanced facial recognition libraries for secure and seamless authorization of Verifiable Credential (VC) transfers.

Application ID for Customer Support

A unique application ID is now associated with each unique installation of Inji. It is made accessible to the users.

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Known Issues

Redmi devices are not supported for this release. To know more, refer to known issues in Redmi device.

Bug Fixes

  1. The user will now be redirected to the MOSIP page successfully from the About INJI screen. Earlier the link was crashing the app. #INJI 225

  2. The user will be able to login into eSignet portal via QR code, using the VC activated on Home screen via. ellipsis menu. #INJI 253

  3. App will prompt and remove tampered VC. #INJI 397

  4. The user will be asked for language preference only at new installation. #INJI 362

  5. Previously used UIN/VID will not be suggested in the AID field for VC download. #INJI 332

  6. The user will be able to see the detailed view of Received VC. #INJI 329

  7. The user will be redirected to an intermittent downloading screen, when download is triggered from OpenID supported issuer. #INJI 458


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