The following versioning conventions are followed for repos related to deployment:

  • mosip-infra branch == MOSIP release version == mosip-helm branch.

  • k8s-infra is on main branch.

  • Helm chart version ~= MOSIP release version but with following versioning convention:

    • MOSIP release version: w.x.y.z. Example

    • Helm chart version: wx.y.z. Example 12.0.1 (as Helm follows 3 digit versioning).

    • In case of develop branch of mosip-helm version in Chart.yaml points to next planned release version of MOSIP (as Helm does not allow version like develop).

  • Docker image tag in values.yaml of Helm chart == MOSIP release version.

  • Helm charts contain default compatible docker image tag.

  • appVersion field in Charts.yaml is not used.



Helm chart version

version field in Charts.yaml

MOSIP release version

Version as published. If a release is w.x.y, it implies w.x.y.0. Patch releases may have have 4 digits like w.x.y.z.

Docker image tag

Version of MOSIP service/module published as docker on Docker Hub.

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