The MOSIP Program

The MOSIP program was conceived to help build global digital public goods in the space of digital governance. The flagship of the program is the MOSIP platform which provides the core for a foundational identity system that can be used by countries to build their national identity programs. Anchored at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), MOSIP harnesses the power of open source and embraces the best practices of scalability, security and privacy. Learn more >>


The Modular Open Source Identity Platform is an open-source, open standards-based foundational identity platform. MOSIP is an API-first platform that can be used by countries to build their own national id platform. MOSIP offers id life-cycle management features and identity verification capabilities out of the box.

The key objectives of MOSIP are to:

  • Provide the basic framework to create a fully functional foundational identity system

  • Provide flexibility for a country to choose and customize the features from the basic framework according to their requirements

  • Maintain privacy, security and confidentiality of an individual's data

  • Provide a scalable and accessible solution to cater to a wide range of population (a few thousand to several hundreds of millions)


The latest release of MOSIP, version 1.1.5 is here! We have added many interesting features as part of this release and also incorporated some software infrastructure changes as part of paring the technical debt. Check out the exciting new services and enhancements in the documentation.

Current Release Version: 1.1.5 Release Date: March 23, 2021 You can find the release notes here.

Previous Release Version: 1.1.4 Release Date: February 12, 2021 You can find the release notes here.

To view the summary of our releases, click here.

MOSIP Resources

Source Code: GitHub Repositories Containers: Docker Repository Maven Repository: Nexus Repository Presentations: mosip.io Learning Videos: YouTube Channel Community: Gitter Channel


The MOSIP roadmap in the short term is the release of our Long Term Support Version. Our medium-term focus is to enable reference implementations of identity usage, integrations and interoperability. The long-term focus is to offer a set of core components for digital governance. Check out our roadmap and call for contribution to see how you can be part of the MOSIP journey.

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