MOSIP is a product of the combined efforts of multiple stakeholders. Contributions from the community form the backbone of MOSIP and drive its growth and stability. The contributions have come in multiple ways, ranging from direct code contributions, review of design and architecture, bug fixing, and support for technology evaluation. In this section the MOSIP team would like to acknowledge the contributions of organisations and groups who have been instrumental in driving the project forward.
MOSIP partnered with Mindtree in May 2020 and since then it has been a fruitful association in areas of engineering, architecture, devops to name a few. Mindtree has contributed, through secondment of engineering resources, approximately 1260 person days of engineering effort, which roughly translates to more than 11000 person hours of work on the MOSIP project.
Mindtree is a digital transformation and technology services company located in Bangalore.
The team at Technoforte has contributed multiple resources towards security testing, manual testing, automated testing, development, and devops. Technoforte has made significant contributions to the development of Partner Management Module, defining the partner policy, and setting up the partner portal. The team is also part of the community led effort of Android Reg Client development.
These valuable contributions were made by the Technoforte team with an approximate cumulative effort of about 840 person days which translates to 6720 person hours.
Technoforte Software Private Limited (Technoforte) is a Bangalore based firm engaged in providing enterprise solutions in the field of Information Technology.


With its belief in the open source values and the transformative power of Digital Public Goods Newlogic has been partnering with MOSIP in building the next generation of digital government infrastructures.
Newlogic regularly contributes to architecture, development, product management, and testing work.
Newlogic's contribution to MOSIP include:
  • Integration of ID PASS Light library to generate and read encrypted QR Codes that allow offline identity sharing with biometric verification.
  • Development of the Inji resident mobile app and its Minoto backend service.
  • Development of a mobile credential sharing library that works both online and offline.
Singapore based Newlogic is a software consultancy company providing innovative software solutions to companies, organizations, and governments.
IIIT Bangalore has been home to MOSIP since its inception in 2018 and the students of the institute have been at the forefront of the MOSIP’s community-led development. The students have on an ongoing basis contributed to solving engineering problems in MOSIP for real-world applications. Their major ongoing contributions include:
Project 1: Reporting framework for real-time streaming of data and visualization. The dashboards give a visual display of metrics and important data to track the status of various pre and post-enrollment processes. Reporting framework involves setting up the data pipeline for populating data from the database to ElasticSearch.
A set of reference dashboards were also created as a part of this work.
Project 2: Registration officers/operators use the registration client application to enroll residents into the ID system. It is a thick client which works on machines with Windows OS.
Students have contributed to the development of Android equivalent of the Registration Client, which can be installed on Android tablets.
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