Reference Implementations


Reference implementations of modules or components are non production grade implementations that are meant to showcase a reference design or architecture. They can be used as references or starting points for customization and actual implementations.

Web portals

  1. Pre-registration portal

  2. Admin portal

  3. Partner Management portal

Desktop apps

  1. Authentication Application

  2. Registration Client

Common components

  1. ID object validator (kernel-ref-idobjectvalidator)

  2. Integration with the SMS service provider (kernel-smsserviceprovider-msg91)

  3. Integration with a Virus Scanner (kernel-virusscanner-clamav)

  4. HSM Keystore Implementation (hsm-keystore-impl)

  5. IAM: Keycloak

Registration Processor

  1. External Stage

  2. Demo deduplication

  3. Hazelcast Cache Provider

ID Authentication

  1. Demographic authentication (normalization)

  2. Child Authentication Filter


  1. Booking Service

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