Feature Health Report

This document illustates the module wise features in MOSIP 1.2.0 and their functionality with the working status.




Feature(s) working as designed


Feature(s) working as designed

Not Verified

Feature(s) not verified

Partially Working

Feature(s) not completely working as designed



Login using email OTP

Login using SMS OTP


Create application

Appointment booking

Notifications - E-mail

Notifications - SMS

Download and print acknowlagement

Upload document(s)

Appointment cancellation

Appointment re-booking

Group booking

Discard Application

Multi-Language support

Dynamic UI


Registration Client


Master data sync

First user onboarding

Operator/Supervisor onboarding

New registration - using sync'd PRID

New registration - using online PRID

New Registration - without PRID

New Registration - with valid introducer UIN/RID

New Registration - with exceptions

Update - Demographics

Update - Biometrics

Lost UIN - Adult

Lost UIN - Child

Acknowledge preview have related/catpured data

Child becomes Adult - update biometrics

Officer biometric update

Bio Login - Fingerprint/IRIS/Face (MockSDK)

Packet creation authentication using biometrics (MockSDK)

EOD authentication using biometrics (MockSDK)

EOD authentication using password

Offline Registration

Password Re-set

Remap Center

Auotmatic Upload packet with & without EOD

Save applications to device

Application status check

Dynamic UI

Multi language support

Registration client with TPM-enabled

Registration client without TPM


Registration Processor


Demo - De-duplication

Biometric - De-duplication

Manual adjudication


Notification based on user preferred language

Policy based packet processing

Support for pause resume


Biometric correction

ID Authentication


Auth (Bio/Demo/OTP) using UIN

Auth (Bio/Demo/OTP) using VID

Multi-factor auth using UIN

Multi-factor auth using VID

e-KYC (Bio/Demo/OTP) using UIN

e-KYC (Bio/Demo/OTP) using VID

e-KYC multi-factor auth using UIN

e-KYC multi-factor auth using VID

Auth lock/unlock

Create UIN

Deactivate/reactivate UIN

VID generation (Perpetual/Temporary)


Resident Services


Update demo details

View auth history

Download UIN card

Download masked UIN card

Revoke VIDs

Lock/Unlock auth (Bio/Demo)

Generate VID (Perpetual/Temporary)


Check Packet Status

Admin Services


User mapping - To Zone/RegCenter

Center - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate/Decommission

Device - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate/Decommission

Machine - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate/Decommission

Packet Status - for given RID

Packet Pause/Resume - for given RID

CenterType - Create/Edit/Activate

CenterType - Cloning to logged in language

BlockListedWords - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

HolidayList - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

HolidayList - Cloning to logged in language

Template - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Template - Cloning to logged in language

Dynamicfield - Create/Update/Activate/Deactivate

Device Specification - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Machine Specification - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Machine Type - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Document Type - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Document Category- Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Document Category Type - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Device type-Create/Update/Activate/Deactivate

Bulk upload - Packets

Bulk upload - MasterData - Insert/Update/Delete to a table

Keymanager - Generate CSR

Keymanager - Generate MasterKey

Keymanager - Get certificate

Keymanager - Upload certificate for APID and RID

Keymanager - Upload other domain certificate for APID and RID

Multi Language support

Retrieve Lost RID

Partner Management


Partner - Register/Activate/Deactivate

Partner Certificates Upload

Upload CA Certificate

Download Certificate

Partner - Policy Mapping

Policy Group - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Auth Policy - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Data share Policy - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate

Partner policy mapping - Map policy/Approve/Reject

Device details - Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate/SBI details

FTM details - Create/Edit/Approve/Reject

Upload CA certificate


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