Helm Charts


All MOSIP services are packaged as Helm charts for ease of installation on the Kubernetes cluster. The source code of Helm charts is available in mosip-helm repository. The packaged charts (*.tgz) are checked in gh-pages branch of mosip-helm repo. GitHub automatically hosts them at https://mosip.github.io/mosip-helm/index.yaml. See the sections below for further details.

Chart versioning

Refer Versioning.

Make sure the version in Charts.yaml is updated for all charts when a new branch is created on mosip-helm.

Installing charts

To install the charts, add the repository as below:

helm repo add mosip https://mosip.github.io/mosip-helm

Publishing charts

To publish charts manually follow these steps:

  • In the branch where changes have been made run the following from mosip-helm folder

helm package charts/<chart name>
  • You will see packaged .tgz files created in the current directory.

  • Copy the .tgz files to gh-pages branch of mosip-helm repo. You can clone another copy of the repo and check out gh-pages branch to achieve this.

  • Run


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