Administration Using Rancher

Cluster administration

In V3 installation cluster can be administered by logging into organisation wide Rancher setup. Rancher is integrated with Keycloak for authentication. To provide cluster access to a user perform the following steps as administrator:

  1. Login into organisation wide Keycloak e.g It is assumed that you have admin role in Keycloak.

  2. Create a new user.

  3. Make sure a strong password is set for the same under Credentials tab.

  4. On Details tab you should see Update Password flag under Required User Actions. This will prompt a user to change the password during first login. Disable the same only if you are sure you don't want user to change password.

  5. Login to Rancher as administrator, e.g.

  6. Select a cluster for which you would like to enable access to the user.

  7. Add the user as member of the cluster.

  8. Assign a role, e.g Cluster Owner, Cluster Viewer.

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