Automation Testing


MOSIP provides automation test repositories for the following:

Admin UI

Selenium webdriver-based Admin Portal Automation covers CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operation performed via UI with Chrome driver.

Registration Client

Registration test automation covers these flows: New, Update, Correction, and Lost flows.

To know more about each, click here.

Functional Tests

This repository contains API automation tests. The automation is written using Java REST Assured and TestNG framework. The following modules are covered:

  1. Pre-registration

  2. Masterdata

  3. Partner Management

  4. ID Repository

  5. IDA

  6. Resident

Functional tests support multi-languages, i.e., the input can be provided in any of the languages configured in a given MOSIP installation.

Automation Tests

This repository contains a test framework for end-to-end testing of MOSIP functionality. The following functionalities are covered:

  • Registration

  • Pre-registration + Registration

  • Authentication

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