Privacy and Security

MOSIP's fundamental architecture and design incorporate the highest levels of privacy and security.

Security by design

Key security features:
  • Encryption of data in-flight or rest. (See Data Protection)
  • Integration with trusted applications only.
  • Fraud avoidance - association of authentication only with specific transactions.
  • Misuse prevention - user can lock or unlock their authentication.
  • Virtual ID and Tokens to prevent identity theft.
  • All data sent out of MOSIP will be digitally signed.
  • All incoming data will be signed by the respective entity.
  • Any data sent to a relying party will be encrypted.
  • Protection against internal attacks with every record in DB protected with integrity.
  • Centralized key management.
  • All API's are protected with OAUTH 2.0.

Privacy by intent

Key privacy features:
  • Minimal data with selective disclosure on a need-to-know basis.
  • Sensitive data protected (not stored or logged in clear form).
  • Consent support – the user decides who can receive what credentials & what attributes.
  • No search on the database (You can find a record only if you know the ID).
  • Clear segregation of Biometric & Demographic data.
  • De-centralised ID usage and data (cannot profile based on usage).
  • Users are not limited to one permenant ID - Virtual ID.
  • All relying party gets a privacy enabled tokens to prevent profiling across transactions. Permenant ID is never shared.
  • Supports Wallet based decentralized ID issuance and usage.
  • Face data is not sent to ABIS for deduplication.
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