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This is a guide to implement MOSIP for a country. It is advised that Government and System Integrators (SI) study the recommended steps to work out an appropriate implementation strategy. The items are in "near-chronological order" and may differ for an implementation.

Key decisions

  1. Choice of deployment of Pre-registration.

  2. Rate of enrolment desired.

  3. Rate of authentication expected.

  4. Customisation and procurement of components as given here.

  5. ID schema (as prescribed by the country's regulatory authority).

  6. Hardware requirements estimate.

  7. ID Card print design.

  8. MOSIP versions.

  9. MOSIP support (scope).

  10. Disaster recovery strategy.

  11. Phased approach for rollout.


  1. Engagement with an SI - terms and conditions.

  2. Procurement of biometric and other external components.

  3. HSM

  4. Compute hardware

Country specific data


  1. Customisation of components as decided in step 5 of Key decisions above.


  1. Disaster recover set up

  2. Biometric thresholding

  3. Phased implementation

  4. Sandbox, staging, development setups.

  5. IDA installation


  1. Onboarding of trusted partners

  2. Print partner


  1. Set up of registration centers

  2. Onboarding of officers and supervisors

  3. Training

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