Postgres DB


MOSIP uses Postgres DB for all relational data storage. The DB creation SQL scripts are located under /db_scripts the folder of the module repository. In sandbox deployment, Postgres is installed as a docker inside the cluster. However, in production deployment, typically, Postgres will be installed external to the cluster.

ER diagrams

Entity relationships diagrams for all databases used in MOSIP are given below.

Configuration parameters

  • Connection details
    • {module_name}_database_url
    • {module_name}_database_username
    • {module_name}_database_password
  • Hibernate configurations
    • javax.persistence.jdbc.driver
    • hibernate.dialect
    • hibernate.jdbc.lob.non_contextual_creation
    • hibernate.show_sql
    • hibernate.format_sql
    • hibernate.connection.charSet
    • hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache
    • hibernate.cache.use_query_cache
    • hibernate.cache.use_structured_entries
    • hibernate.generate_statistics

Production DB configuration

These are some of the reference settings of a production database. It is expected that these are reviewed and finalized for a given deployment.
limits: {}
# cpu: 250m
# memory: 1Gi
cpu: 8000m
memory: 32000Mi
wal_level: logical
max_wal_senders: 20
max_replication_slots: 10
shared_buffers: 16GB
max_prepared_transactions: 1000
huge_pages: try
work_mem: 16MB # min 64kB
maintenance_work_mem: 3GB # min 1MB
effective_cache_size: 32GB
log_min_duration_statement: 1000
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