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MTS ODK Importer


MTS ODK Importer (MOI) is a OpenG2P module which will be an addon to Odoo. MOI will help in fetching the tokenized data from the ODK Central by calling the MOSIP Token Seeder (MTS) and store the same in beneficiary registry. This will be an important module in deduplication process when OpenG2P system is using MOSIP as its id platform.

Features of MOI

  • Generates MOSIP token while fetching from the ODK
  • Uses callback delivery type of MTS
  • Completely asynchronous execution
  • OpenG2P can schedule a daily job to fetch the delta for the day
  • A manual import feature will also be provided


In OpenG2P, the user can configure for following fields to setup a interface with MTS.
  • Odata url (svc)
  • Base url (domain name)
  • Version
  • Project Id
  • Form Id
  • Email
  • Password
  • MTS authtoken api url
  • Callback url
  • Callback auth url
  • Callback auth username
  • Callback auth password
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Features of MOI