The MOSIP platform is configured via the Admin application. This application can be accessed only by a privileged group of administration personnel. The admin module provides the following functions:

  1. Management of resources via CRUD operations:

    1. Zone

    2. Centers (registration centers)

    3. Device

    4. Machine

    5. Users (Admin, registration staff)

  2. Registration administration

    1. Packet status

    2. Retrieve lost RID

    3. Resume RID

Administrative zones

  • Administrative zones are virtual boundaries which a country can define to better manage their resources that are used during registrations. These resources includes Centers, Users, Machines and Devices. These zones can be defined in a hierarchical fashion and a country can allocate resources to such zones based on their requirements.

  • Resources under each zone is managed by a Zonal Admin. This is done by assigning an Administrative zone to the Zonal Admin during user creation.

  • These Zonal Admins can exist at any zonal hierarchy. (For e.g, a Zonal Admin can directly be mapped to the whole country as a Zone or can be mapped to a significantly smaller zone such as a city). Thus, these resources when mapped to an Administrative zone can only be managed by the Admin of that zone.

Activate/deactivate/decommission resources

What is deactivation of a resource?

Deactivation refers to a reversible action in which the isActive value for a resource in database is set to "False". This means that the resource will not be available for use unless and until it is activated later through the admin portal as required by the country.

What is decommissioning a resource?

  • Decommission refers to a permanent/irreversible action of the resource. This also automatically deactivates it and the isDeleted value for the resource is set to "True".

  • The primary difference being that a decommissioned resource cannot be bought into commission again as decommission refers to a permanent shutdown.

  • Also, in cases where a center has some resources mapped to it (e.g. machines, devices or users), the portal will not allow the admin to decommission such a center.

Note- Activation/Deactivation/Decommission of a center in one language will be applied to the same center created in all the languages.


Frontend- Admin portal

Reference implementation of the Admin portal is available in admin-ui repository.

To know more, refer to the Admin portal user guide.

Developer Guide

To know more about the setup, read Admin Services Developer's Guide.


Refer API Documentation.

Source code

Github repo.

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