The DataShare service is used to share data with other entrusted services and partners. The mechanism shares are the following:

  1. Retrieves and stores data to be shared in Object Store and returns a Datashare URL.

  2. It fetches data from the Object Store when the Datashare URL is called.

The sharing of data is controlled by the Datashare policy.

Data is encrypted before sharing it with partners. Learn more about datashare encryption.

The relationship of Datashare Service with other services is explained here. NOTE: The numbers do not signify the sequence of operations or control flow. Arrows indicate the data flow.

  1. ABIS Handler Stage creates datashare for ABIS.

  2. Manual Adjudication Stage creates datashare for adjudication.

  3. Verification Stage creates datashare for verification.

  4. Datashare Service calls Policy Manager Service to get the policy for creating shares.

  5. It calls the Keymanager Service to encrypt data as per policy.

  6. Stores datashare inside object store.

  7. Retrieves datashare from the object store when the datashare URL is called.

  8. External systems like ABIS, Print System, Adjudication system etc. calls Datashare Service to get the datashare.

  9. Print Service creates UIN PDF and uploads to datashare through Credential.

  10. Partner Manager Service creates credentials for CA certificates to be used by ID Authentication.

  11. Printing Stage creates credentials for printing systems and sends the data through datashare.

  12. ID Repository Service sends data to ID Authentication system through Credential.

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