Module Configurations


Properties that are shared across all modules are written in the file

Module-specific properties are written in respective *.properties files in mosip-config

Config server

Config server is a Spring Cloud Config Server that serves the above properties to modules during run-time. The property files are downloaded when an application starts. The config server is installed as part of sandbox installation.

Some of the important properties that must be reviewed and modified for a specific deployment are listed below.


Configurations of each MOSIP module will be available here:


Refer to Postgres DB configuration.


Refer to HSM configuration.


Mandatory Languages - Languages that the user has to fill (can be auto translated) during the pre-registration & registration.

Optional Languages - Languages that are not mandatory but provided as a choice to the user.

User selected Language - The language that the user selected at the time of login. The choices shown are union of Mandatory and Optional languages. The labels and alerts will be use the user selected language

Prefered Language - During registration of a registrant (user for whom identity is requested), he can choose his prefered language. This preference use used for all further notification (email, SMS or any other notification).

Languages for the entire system are configured in application prorperties file:


The i18n file for the respective language has to be added to the artifactory Artifactory. The language codes are as per ISO 639-2

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