What is Digital Identification?

Digital Identification is a means of identifying 'who you are' through some kind of digital medium. The digital medium could be any device such as a mobile phone or a computer or anything that has a digital means of identifying 'who you are' in both offline and online mode with your consent irrespective of your religion, caste, creed, gender, country and ethnicity. The Internet is only an enabler but is not the mandatory requirement for digital identification. While identifying 'who you are', the user bearing the identity must have absolute control of revealing a controlled set of information that they wish to reveal and not everything in order to become eligible for getting a service rendered.

What is a foundational ID system?

Governments are exploring the development of multipurpose foundational ID systems, in which individuals receive a unique identifier from the government that they can use for identity assertion and verification. It can then be used to access a wide variety of government and private services.
Functional IDs are the IDs that are used in specific use cases. By design, they are created having the final usecase in mind such as healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, social and civil registry etc. The Functional ID systems can leverage the Foundational ID system.

What is MOSIP?

MOSIP is a robust, secure, open-source platform for building foundational identity systems. MOSIP is configurable and flexible to adapt to a country’s national ID requirements.

Privacy and security

MOSIP modules

MOSIP ecosystem

MOSIP needs to work along with other ecosystem players to create a solution for a particular country.

MOSIP offerings

Key MOSIP offerings are:
  • ID Lifecycle Management
  • ID Authentication

Building a national ID system using MOSIP

National ID systems can leverage MOSIP as the base platform and configure, customize, and extend it to build systems just the way needed. The image below depicts how MOSIP provides the base layer to build a national ID platform.
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