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MOSIP Release Process

Below is the procedure that is followed during the release process in MOSIP.
  • Once an agreement has been reached between the Maintainer and the Community regarding a release, a release branch will be created.
  • The branch will be named release-<version> and will be used to transition all dependent projects and the main project.
  • The version numbers in the relevant build files will be updated accordingly.
  • Following this, the release artifacts will be generated from the designated branch and transferred to the Quality Assurance (QA) team.
  • Thorough release testing will be conducted under the supervision of the QA team.
  • Bugs that are identified will be assessed by the community, QA team, and product owners.
  • All necessary fixes will be made within the release branch.
  • Once testing is completed, the QA team must provide their approval for the release.
  • The fixes implemented will then be transferred from the release branch to the develop branch.
  • A discussion with stakeholders will be initiated to determine whether to proceed with the release or not.
  • The final documentation, including Release Notes and a Test Report, will be updated accordingly.
  • Upon receiving clearance from the Go/No Go decision, the repositories will be tagged, and the artifacts will be released to NPM, Maven, Testflight, and other relevant platforms.
  • The tagged code and artifacts will be deployed on Collab for sanity testing and automation.
  • Once the sanity testing is successful, the release will be announced on the Community channels.
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