Pre-registration User Guide


This guide helps in understanding the pre-registration sample UI implementation. The pre-registration portal can be used in self-service as well as in assisted mode.

Self-service mode- In this mode, residents can pre-register themselves by accessing the pre-registration portal. They can login with their email address or phone number and fill up the demographic form, upload relevant documents to book an appointment for themselves and their family/friends. Finally, they would receive an acknowledgement along with a pre-registration ID that can be used at the registration center.

Assisted mode- When used in an assisted mode, the operator could be handling the portal and helping other residents in filling up the details and creating an application on their behalf. The languages that the operator and the resident understands, may or may not be the same. If we consider a country with linguistic diversity, the possibilities increase. In such cases, the operator might log in with a language that they are familiar with, and also select a language (data capture language) familiar to the resident for filling up the demographic form and other details.

Pre-registration process

The key steps in this process are:

  • Login/create a user account

  • Create an application

  • Book an appointment

  • Receive appointment acknowledgement

To create an application, the resident/operator can follow the steps below:

Login/create a user account

  1. Open the browser and visit the pre-registration portal.

  2. Select the language of your preference from the dropdown.

  3. Enter your valid email address or phone number in the text box.

  4. Select the Captcha field.

  5. Click Send OTP to receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your provided email address or mobile number.

  6. Enter the OTP and click Verify.

Note: If you have not received the One-Time Password (OTP), please click on Send to request another OTP. Enter the newly received OTP to proceed. Once your OTP has been successfully verified, you will be able to create, view, or update your pre-registration application.

Create an application

Step 1: Select the language for providing data

  1. Once the OTP is verified, you will see a pop up for selecting the languages for data entry.

  2. Select the languages and click Submit.


  • This choice will be available only if the ID issuer has configured the usage of optional languages.

  • Countries will have multiple languages some of which will be mandatory while others could be optional(regional languages). MOSIP provides a configuration using which a country can mandate the capture of demographic data in required number of languages (combination of mandatory and optional).

  1. On the Demographic details page, read the Terms and Conditions and select the check box to agree. This agreement is to provide consent for the storage and processing of your personal information.

  2. Click Accept and proceed.

Note: User consent is mandatory for creating/updating applications. The contents on this page will be displayed in all data capture languages selected.

Step 3: Enter Demographic details

  1. Enter your demographic details, which includes Name, Age/DOB, Gender, Residential Status, Address, Mobile Number, Email Id, etc.

  2. You can also change or verify your demographic details in the other selected language.

  3. After you have filled and verified your demographic details, click Continue.

Note: The mandatory fields/labels have a * mark. Field and button labels, error and information messages will be displayed in the user preferred language selected in the login screen. The fields displayed on this screen are configurable based on the ID schema defined by the country.

UI specs of Pre-registration module are used to configure the form fields in the Demographic Details and Document Upload functionality pages. These specs are saved as a JSON file with a list of fields.

Step 4: Upload documents

  1. Select the document (e.g. Passport, Reference Identity Number, etc.) from the document drop-down list.

  2. Click Browse to locate the scanned document on your machine.

  3. Select the file that you want to upload.

  4. When the file is uploaded successfully, the document will appear on the right side. Verify that you have uploaded the correct document.

  5. Repeat the steps above to upload document(s) for each applicable document category.

  6. When adding an applicant, if a newly added applicant’s Proof of Address (POA) document is same as that of the existing user’s POA, which has been already uploaded, click Same As option and select the name of the applicant.

  7. Click Continue to preview your application.

Step 5: Preview data

  1. To change the demographic details (Name, Age, etc.), click modify at the top-right corner adjacent to the Demographic details section.

  2. To modify the uploaded documents, click modify at the bottom-right corner adjacent to the Documents Uploaded section and make changes.

  3. To add a new applicant, click Add Applicant. On clicking the Add Applicant option, you will be navigated to the Demographic details page to provide Consent and proceed with providing the required demographic data and upload of documents.

  4. Click Continue.

Add new application

On Your Applications page, click Create New Application to generate a new application.

Viewing applications

Once the application is created, there could be multiple statuses depending on the data filled by the user/resident or the actions performed by them. The user can view all the pre-registration applications created by them in the Dashboard. The different statuses with a brief explanation are mentioned below:

StatusDescriptionUser Action


Filled only demographic details

Upload documents and book an appointment

Pending appointment

Filled demographic details and uploaded documents

Book an appointment


Filled demographic details, uploaded documents, and booked appointment

Visit the registration center on the appointment date and time


Appointment date has passed

Re-book an appointment


Appointment has been cancelled

Re-book an appointment

  • The applications are sorted and displayed by the order of creation of application. The last application created appears first in the list.

  • If the user visits the registration center and consumes the appointment, then the application will be removed from the list.

  • If the appointment date has passed, the status changes to "Expired" and is retained on the dashboard for further rebooking/modification as required.

Book an appointment

Choose a registration center

  • The recommended registration centers are automatically displayed based on your demographic details (Postal Code)

  • On the Book Appointment page, you can find a registration center through the three options as follows:

    • Click Nearby centers to view the registration centers based on your geographical location.

    • Use the search box to find the registration center based on your search criteria.

    • Click Recommended Centers to view registration centers based on your demographic details. (Postal Code)

  • Click Continue.

Note: The default display of registration centers will be based on the Postal Code of the user. To modify this setting, please update the location hierarchy in the file using the property: preregistration.recommended.centers.locCode.

Select an appointment time-slot

  • Select your preferred date from the list of available calendar days and the number of available bookings.

  • The list of available time slots for your selected date is categorized between Morning and Afternoon.

  • Select your preferred time slot from the list.

  • Select the particular applicant name to book an appointment (click + to add the applicant). Note: On clicking the Add Applicant option, you will be navigated to the Demographic Details page to provide Consent and proceed with providing the required demographic data/documents.

  • Verify the time slot(s) as selected against the applicant name(s).

  • Click Continue.

  • On the confirmation pop-up, click Confirm.

  • Click OK.

Receive appointment acknowledgement

  • After successful completion of the Pre-registration application, you will receive an acknowledgment on the registered phone number (SMS) or email address as per details provided in the demographic form.

  • The acknowledgement contains the following information: name, pre-registration ID, age/DOB, mobile number, email id and registration center details, appointment date, appointment time)

  • A QR code containing the pre-registration ID is generated. This QR code can be scanned at the registration center to fetch the details to be used during the registration process.

  • You can print, download, email or SMS your acknowledgment.

    • To print your acknowledgement, click Print.

    • To download your acknowledgement, click Download PDF.

  • To add the additional recipient(s) to receive the acknowledgment of your application, follow these steps:

    • Click Send Email/SMS.

    • Enter the mobile number and/or enter the email ID.

    • Click Send to receive the acknowledgement on your provided e-mail address or mobile number.

Re-book appointment

  1. On Your Applications page, select the check box for the applicable applicant.

  2. Click Book/Modify Appointment to re-book an appointment (on the top right corner)..

  3. The user can select any appointment date available and the appointment slot available

  4. A user cannot re-book the appointment if the appointment booking is less than 48 hours (configurable) from the time of booking

Discard application

  1. On Your Applications page, click on delete icon against pre-registration application of an applicant, a pop-up window appears on the screen.

  2. Select the Discard entire application option in the pop-up window.

  3. Click SUBMIT to discard your application.

Cancel appointment

  1. On Your Applications page, click on delete icon against pre-registration application of an applicant, a pop-up window appears on the screen.

  2. Select Cancel appointment and save the details option in the pop-up window.

  3. Click SUBMIT to cancel an appointment.

Following a successful appointment cancellation, the system unlocks the time slot of the registration center to ensure that someone else can book it.

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