Biometric SDK



  • Registration Client.

  • Backend quality check.

  • Biometric authentication during onboarding (internal auth).

  • ID Authentications.

Biometric SDK library

The library is used by Registration Client to perform 1:N match, segmentation, extraction etc. For more information on integration with Registration Client, refer to Registration Client Biometric SDK Integration Guide.

A simulation of this library is available as Mock BioSDK. The same is installed in the MOSIP sandbox.

Biometric SDK service

For 1:1 match and quality check of biometrics at the MOSIP backend, the BioSDK must be running as a service that can be accessed by Registration Processor and IDA Internal Services. The service exposes REST APIs specified here.

A simulation (mock) service has been provided. The mock service loads mock BioSDK internally on the startup and exposes the endpoints to perform 1:N match, segmentation, extraction as per IBioAPI.

The service may be packaged as a docker running inside MOSIP Kubernetes cluster or running separately on a server. It is important that the scalability of this service is taken care depending on the load on the system, i.e., the rate of enrolment and ID authentication.


  1. BioSDK library: IBioAPI.

  2. BioSDK service: TBD.

Testing kit

BioSDK server request/response may be tested using BioSDK testing kit.


The following properties in needs to be updated to integrate the BioSDK library and service with MOSIP.


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