Configuration Guide

This guide provides a comprehensive list of configurable properties for the Android Registration Client. Please note that this list is not exhaustive but serves as a helpful checklist for reviewing commonly configured properties.

It is important to acknowledge that all properties listed in this guide are automatically synchronized with the Android Registration Client. These properties are sourced from the file.

Configuration files



Timeouts in milliseconds set during any http calls to SBI.


Quality score threshold based on modality, Possible values 1 to 100


Retry attemps, Possible values 1 to 10


Quality score threshold based on modality for operator authentication, Possible values 1 to 100`


Batch Size

Jobs like RID sync, packet upload, status sync is carried out in batches, number of registration records to be executed in a batch on every trigger.


Scheduled Jobs

Default CRON expression for scheduling the Jobs.

mosip.registration.sync_jobs_restart_freq=0 0 */11 ? * *

Other Configurations

  • Enables / disables reviewer authentication on any biometric exception during registration


  • If enabled, cross-checks of residents biometrics with locally stored operator biometric templates.


  • Minimum disk space required to create a packet - in MB


  • Maximum no. of days for approved packet pending to be synced to server beyond which Registration Client is frozen for registration


  • No. of days beyond audit creation date to delete audits


  • Maximum duration to which registration is permitted without sync of master data


  • Allowed number of invalid login attempts


  • Configuration used to check if any sync job is missed/ failed beyond expected days, this configuration is checked everytime operator clicks on any registration process. We follow below convention to create this config key.

    mosip.registration.job api name as in sync_job_def table.frequency=value in days

Date formats

  • Date format to be displayed on acknowledgement slip, default value - dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm a


  • Date format to be displayed on Registration Client dashboard, default format - dd MMM hh:mm a


Supporting properties for 1.1.5.x server compatibility

Due to the absence of UI specifications in the 1.1.5.x versions, the android regclient addresses backward compatibility by migrating the schema of these versions to the LTS UI Spec structure.

In order to facilitate this migration, certain configurations and templates have been incorporated to ensure compatibility with the 1.1.5.x server. The list of these configurations is provided below.

  • mosip.registration.consent-screen-template-name=reg-consent-screen-content-template

    Consent screen is not a part of 1.1.5.x schema structure. So, we are completely fetching this consent screen content from master.template table, and the templateTypeCode for the consent screen content is mentioned in the above configuration.

  • mosip.registration.individual-biometrics-id=individualBiometrics

    The id of individual biometrics should be mentioned in the above property according to the configured 1.1.5.x schema.

  • mosip.registration.introducer-biometrics-id=guardianBiometrics

    The id of guardian/ introducer biometrics should be mentioned in the above property according to the configured 1.1.5.x schema.

  • mosip.registration.infant-agegroup-name=INFANT

    The age-group name for infants (aged below 5 years) which is configured in the configured server should be mentioned in the above property.

  • mosip.registration.agegroup-config={"INFANT":{"bioAttributes":["face"],"isGuardianAuthRequired":true},"ADULT":{"bioAttributes":["leftEye","rightEye","rightIndex","rightLittle","rightRing","rightMiddle","leftIndex","leftLittle","leftRing","leftMiddle","leftThumb","rightThumb","face"],"isGuardianAuthRequired":false},"SENIOR_CITIZEN":{"bioAttributes":["leftEye","rightEye","rightIndex","rightLittle","rightRing","rightMiddle","leftIndex","leftLittle","leftRing","leftMiddle","leftThumb","rightThumb","face"],"isGuardianAuthRequired":false}}

    The above property indicates list of age-groups, required bio-attributes, and a flag which indicates guardian authentication is required or not. This property should be changed according to the server configuration and requirements.

  • mosip.registration.allowed-bioattributes=leftEye,rightEye,rightIndex,rightLittle,rightRing,rightMiddle,leftIndex,leftLittle,leftRing,leftMiddle,leftThumb,rightThumb,face

    The above property defines the list of bio-attributes that are allowed for scanning during registration. If there are any changes in the server, it should be changed accordingly.

  • mosip.registration.default-app-type-code=000

The above property defines the default applicantTypeCode. In LTS, we have applicanttype.mvel script to fetch the documents according to the age, gender and some other attributes. Based on the applicant details, the script returns an applicantTypeCode which can be any value from “000” to “014”, and respective documents will be fetched from master.applicant_valid_document table. Since we do not have this script defined in 1.1.5.x to handle this, we have added a default applicantTypeCode.


Ensure that the preview and acknowledge templates are present in the template table of mosip_master database with the following type code:



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