Partner Management


Partner Management Services (PMS) module provides the following services:

  1. Partner Management Service

  2. Policy Management Service

For an overview of role of partners in MOSIP, refer here.

Partner Management Service

Provides various partner services like onboarding partners and providing partner data to other modules.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship of this service to other MOSIP services.

  1. Certificates of partner are uploaded to Key Manager as part of onboarding.

  2. Registration processor fetches ABIS datashare policy from PMS.

  3. PMS sends notification messages to partners via notification service (of Kernel).

  4. Audit logs are logged into Auditmanager.

  5. ID Repository fetches credential data share partners and their polices from PMS.

  6. All PMS data is stored in mosip_pms DB.

  7. Certificates of Authentication Partners are send to IDA module as IDA runs independently. The certs are shared using Datashare (which futher uses Websub to share data with IDA).

Policy Management Service

This service manages partner policies.

  1. Audit logs are logged into Auditmanager.

  2. All policies are stored stored in mosip_pms DB.

  3. Datashare service fetches partner policies and shares data with partners accordingly.

Partner portal

To know more about the partner portal, refer Partner Management portal.

Developer Guide

To know more about the developer setup, read Partner Management Services Developers Guide.


Refer API Documentation.

Source code

Github repo.

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