Foundational Trust Provider


This guide enables the Foundational Trust providers to use the PMP portal effectively. Below is the workflow:

  • Partner self-register through the portal.

  • Partner admin and uploads CA certificate.

  • Partner admin/ Partner uploads partner certificate.

  • Partner admin/ Partner creates FTM.

  • Partner admin/ Partner uploads certificate from the menu before approval/ rejection.

  • Partner admin approves/ rejects the FTM.


  • The partner can register themselves on the MOSIP PMP portal by clicking Register on the landing page.

  • They need to fill up a form with the details below:

    • First and Last name

    • Organization Name

    • Partner type (Device Provider)

    • Address, e-mail, phone number

    • Username and password

To view the details entered, click Home to see the dashboard.

Upload of Certificates

CA Certificate upload

The Partner admin needs to upload the CA certificate to enable the partner to use the portal. To do so, the Partner admin:

  1. Clicks Upload CA Certificate option on the left navigation pane of the partner portal.

  2. Selects the Partner Domain as FTM.

  3. Chooses the certificate to upload (only files with extensions such as .cer or .pem).

  4. Clicks Upload.

The uploaded certificates can be viewed by clicking on View Certificates-> View.

Partner Certificate upload

Similarly, the Partner certificates can be added by the Partner admin or partner.

The certificate can be uploaded by clicking Home-> Upload Certificate -> Upload.

The certificate can be viewed by clicking Home-> View Certificate ->View.

FTM Details

Creating FTM Details

The partner can create FTM details by,

  1. Clicking FTM Details -> Create FTM

  2. Fill up the information like Partner Name, Make and Model.

  3. Clicking Save.

FTM Certificate Upload

The partner can upload FTM certificates by,

  1. Selecting Upload Certificate option from the Actions menu against the FTM created.

  2. Entering the Partner Domain as FTM and choosing the certificate file.

  3. Clicking Upload.

Approval or rejection of the certificate

The Partner Admin can choose to approve or reject the FTM certificate uploaded. Below illustrates the workflow:

Finally, you can see the FTM activated.

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