Partner Management Portal


Partner management portal allows the partners to register themselves in MOSIP. With LTS release, the following types of partners can register themselves:

  1. Authentication Partners

  2. Credential Partners(with limited features)

  3. Device Providers

  4. FTM Provider

Partner roles

Partner TypeAssociated Role

Partner Admin


Policy Manager


Authentication Partner


Credential Partner


Device Provider


FTM Provider


A Partner Admin can create Policies that are required for Authentication and Credential partners. The section below describes the types of policies that are supported by MOSIP.

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To create policies, policy groups should be defined. Policy groups can be considered as the regulatory bodies in a country, examples could be Telecom, Insurance, Banking, etc.

Creation of Policy group

  • Login as Partner Admin into the PMS portal.

  • After successful login, on the left navigation pane, click on Policy -> Policy Group.

  • The existing policy groups are listed on the screen and the new ones can be created.

To create Policy groups

  • Click Policy -> Policy Group -> +Create Policy Group

  • Enter the Policy group Name and Description and click Save.

To search or filter any data pertaining to policy groups, use the filter menu.

You can also change the status of policy group(Deactivate/Re-activate) or edit it using the Action menu as shown below.

On successful creation of Policy groups, polices can be created under that group. MOSIP supports two types of policies, i.e., Auth policy and Datashare policy.

Auth Policy

By default, on clicking Auth policy, the screen displays the list of existing auth policies.

Create an Auth policy

  1. Click Auth Policy -> Create Policy.

  2. Add the Name and Description.

  3. From the dropdown, select the Policy group.

  4. Add the Policies Data.

  5. Click Save.

Note: Once the policy is created, it will be in Inactive state. You have to activate it before using it for a partner.

Activate/edit Auth policy

  1. Select the policy you want to activate or edit.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Activate/Edit.

Search or filter data

  1. Use the filter menu.

Data Share Policy

Data Share policy can be created/edited in the same way as the steps mentioned in the previous section on Auth policy by using Data Share Policy menu options.


Self Registration

Partners in MOSIP are created in a self-service mode. The partner visits the MOSIP partner management portal and requests for collaborating with MOSIP by providing basic details such as organization name and email-id, purpose of registration (how they want to collaborate with MOSIP - as a device provider, authentication partner, print partner, etc), basic credentials and performing an OTP based verification. Once these details are filled by the partner and a request is sent to MOSIP, the Partner Admin verifies the details of the partners and allows the partner to integrate with MOSIP.

To know more about each of the partners, click:

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