MOSIP provides a reporting framework for real-time streaming of data and visualization. The dashboards give a visual display of metrics and important data to track the status of various pre and post-enrollment processes. This data helps ID issuers with improving efficiency, forecasting, and better decision-making. The framework has been used to create a set of default dashboards using Kibana.

Details of reporting framework can be found here.


The following dashboards are configured on Kibana. The NDJSON source files are available here.


Pre-registration operations



Registration profile

ID issuance profile

Overall trend

How to customize?

The reporting pipeline and dashboards may be customized according to an adopter's requirements.

  • Setup a data pipeline for populating data from database to Elasticsearch as given here.

  • After data is populated in Elasticsearch, add/customize dashboards in Kibana as given here.

Source code

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