WebSub Developers Guide


WebSub module provides a common mechanism for communication between publishers of any kind of Web content and their subscribers, based on HTTP webhooks.

Below is a list of tools required in WebSub:

  1. Ballerina (Swan-Lake)

  2. Any IDE (like Vs Code)

  3. Kafka

  4. Postman (any HTTP Client)

  5. Git

Software setup

  1. Download Kafka and install it.

Source code setup

For the code setup, clone the repository and follow the guidelines mentioned in the Code Contributions.

Importing and building

  1. Open the hub and consolidator folders where Ballerina.toml is present.

  2. Open the command prompt from the same folder.

  3. Run the command bal build to build the hub and consolidator.

  4. Open the project in VS Code either by open with vs code or from File -> Open Folder.

Environment setup

  1. Run Configure and run Kafka, update KAFKA_BOOTSTRAP_NODE in Config.toml to point to your Kafka.

Initialization and utilization of module

  1. WebSub consists of consolidator and hub.

  2. Consolidator should be started first, Got to consolidator -> java -jar target/bin/<Jarname>. (Config.toml should be in the same place where you are running this command).

  3. Start WebSub with the same approach.

  4. The APIs can be tried with the help of kernel-websub-api.

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