MOSIP External Dependencies

External Dependencies are set of external requirements that are needed for functioning of MOSIP’s core services like DB, Object Store, and HSM etc.

List of external dependencies:

  • Postgres: Relational Database system used for storing data in MOSIP.

  • IAM: IAM tool is for authentication and authorization. Reference implementation here uses Keycloak for the same purpose.

  • HSM: Hardware Security Module (HSM) stores the cryptographic keys used in MOSIP. Reference implementation is provided as SoftHSM here.

  • Object Store: MOSIP uses S3 API compliant object store for storing biometric and other data. Reference implementation here uses MinIO.

  • Anti-virus: Used for document scanning and packets scanning throughout MOSIP modules. Reference implementation uses dockerised version of ClamAV.

  • Queuing tool: Tool used for queuing messages to external MOSIP components. Reference implementation used Artemis ActiveMQ.

  • Event Publisher/ streamer: MOSIP uses Kafka for publishing events to it's internal as well as external partners modules.

  • BioSDK: Biometric SDK for quality check and authentication purpose using biometrics.

  • ABIS: Performs the de-duplication of a resident's biometric data.

  • Message Gateway: This is for notifying residents about different OTPs and other information.



  • Install Postgres

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/postgres
  • Initialize Postgres DB

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/postgres

Opt for yes and enter Y.


  • Install Keycloak

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/iam
  • Initialize Keycloak

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/iam

Setup SoftHSM

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/hsm/softhsm

Setup Object store

  • Opt 1 for MinIO

  • Opt 2 for S3 (incase you are not going with MinIO installation and want s3 to be installed)

    • Enter the prompted details.

MinIO installation

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/object-store/minio

S3 Credentials setup

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/object-store/

ClamAV setup

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/antivirus/clamav

ActiveMQ setup

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/activemq

Kafka setup

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/kafka

BioSDK Server setup

Reference implementation of Biometric SDK server will be installed separately in MOSIP service installation section as the same is dependent on artifactory which is a MOSIP component.


ABIS is needed to be up and running outside the MOSIP cluster and should be able to connect to the activeMQ. For testing purpose, MOSIP has provided a mock stimulator for the same named as mock-abis which will be deployed as part of the MOSIP services installation.

MSG Gateway

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/msg-gateway
  • MOSIP provides mock smtp server which will be installed as part of default installation, opt for Y.

Docker Secrets

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/docker-secrets

Incase the images are getting pulled from private repositories.


cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/captcha

To setup the captcha for pre-reg and resident domains.

Landing page setup

cd $INFRA_ROOT/deployment/v3/external/landing-page

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