Android Registration Client DP1

Release Name: Android Registration Client DP1

Release version: vDP1

Support: Developer Preview Release1

Release Date: 7th Nov, 2023


The Android Registration Client is a tablet application that serves as a portable version of the existing desktop Registration Client. It has been developed to support accessibility on all Android devices. The existence of Android Registration Client came about in order to meet the mobility requirements of countries adopting MOSIP.

The primary objective of the tablet version is to facilitate the registration process for residents, specifically those who are unable to physically visit registration centres and also serve remote locations where setting up Registration centres is not feasible. To address this challenge, the Android Registration Client was created, enabling Operators/ Supervisors to easily reach the remote areas and maximise resident registrations across the country.

The key features provided on the Android Registration Client are:

  • Operator/Supervisor Login (offline and online)

  • Multi-language support

  • Auto-Sync/ manual sync

  • New Registrations

Note: The Android Registration Client is compatible with the following MOSIP platform versions:

  1. 1.1.5.x

  2. LTS 1.2.0 and above

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  1. mosipdev/kernel-syncdata-service: This image contains temporary fix for encryption methodology for Android Registration Client. In the next release, there will be some decryption login changes and this will no longer be needed.

Build and Deploy

To access the build and read through the deployment instructions, refer to the Deployment Guide.


For details related to resident portal configurations, refer to the Configuration Guide.


To have a quick glance at the features, refer the video!

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