Welcome to the Pre-registration Client Setup Guide, tailored exclusively for our Collab environment! This guide will equip you to seamlessly access the Pre-registration demo application and effectively demonstrate its capabilities.

The Pre-registration module within MOSIP is designed keeping residents in mind, offering a user-friendly pre-registration process. This module boasts of a wide range of functionalities, starting with the collection of demographic data along with easy uploading of essential supporting documents, such as proof of address and birth certificates, besides facilitating appointment booking, modifications and notification alerts to mention a few.

With this Pre-registration Client Demo Setup, you're one step closer to showcasing the power of MOSIP's pre-registration capabilities. So let's get started!

Note : For developer's setup of pre-registration locally into your system, refer here.


  • Accessing the Pre-registration portal in the Collab environment does not require any complex setup.

  • All you need is a 10-digit Mobile Number or a valid email ID and you are good to go!

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 - Access the Pre-registration Portal:

Visit the following URL to access the Pre-registration portal in the Collab environment: Pre-registration portal

Step 2 - Login:

Login to the portal with a mobile number or valid email ID. Refer below for details.

Mobile Number:

  • If you choose to login using your mobile number, you will be required to enter any 10-digit mobile number, as an example - “1234567890”.

  • Click on the captcha tick box to proceed to the next step.

Email ID:

  • Alternatively, you can choose to login with your email ID.

  • For the Collab environment, real email ID OTP verification is performed.

  • Enter a valid email ID and an OTP will be sent to your email address. You can then enter the OTP received on the provided email ID to verify yourself and login to the portal.

Step 3: Explore the features on the Pre-registration Portal:

To access all the features of the Pre-registration portal and explore the pre-registration process in MOSIP, refer to our end user guide.

Note: Please use 111111 as the OTP, for any OTP-based feature in the Collab environment.

Additional Resources

Watch this informative video here for a visual walkthrough of the features.

For more information about Pre-registration, click here.

By following these instructions, you will be equipped to seamlessly set up the pre-registration portal and effectively use all the features and book an appointment.

Get in Touch

If you require any assistance or encounter any issues during the testing and integration process, kindly reach out to us through the support mechanism provided below.

  • Navigate to Community.

  • Provide a detailed description of the support you require or provide detailed information about the issue you have encountered, including steps to reproduce, error messages, logs, and any other relevant details.

Thank you. We wish you a pleasant experience!

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