This module enables a resident to:

  • Enter demographic data & upload supporting documents

  • Book an appointment for one or many users for registration by choosing a suitable registration center and time slot

  • Receive appointment notifications

  • Reschedule and cancel appointments

Resident data is sent to the designated registration center before appointment that can be used during the registration process.

Detailed functionality

For detailed functionality of Pre-registration features please view our page, Pre-registration Functionality.

Process flow

Process flow diagram for create and update flows in Pre-registration.

Process flow diagram for cancel and discard flows in Pre-registration.


For detailed description of Pre-registration services refer to pre-registration repo.

Logical View

Below is the diagram depicts the logical architecture of Pre-registration,

Build and deploy

Refer to build and deploy instructions in pre-registration repo.


For detailed functionality of Pre-registration APIs please view our page, Pre-registration APIs

UI Reference Implementation

MOSIP provides a reference implementation of the Pre-registration UI that may be customized as per country needs. The implementation is is available on ref impl repo.

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