MOSIP Docs 1.1.5
Roadmap Activities
As of Feb 2020
The Roadmap consists of 5 bucket of features that we want to develop and contribute over the coming year: Functionality, Modularity, Testing, Security and Scale.


  • Master Data sync: allow different installations to have their own master data, and sync is without code changes with the Registration Cient
  • Interoperatbility of MOSIP auth with other instances (eIDAS Connector). Support for credential management.
  • Configurable UI: A simple UI for the Human User Facing API of MOSIP that responds to changes in configuration as without need for reprogramming.
  • Mobile App:
    • Android Reg Client
    • IOS Reg Client
    • Online Registration
    • Resident app
  • Reporting and Analytics Framework: to support canned reports and realtime dashboard atop a common data infrastructure.
  • Other Functional Backlog in Registration Processor, Auth and Admin


  • Data Enrichment Rigidity: allow data input from existing functional ID systems for verification and / or updation. Currently this mechanism is very fluid, we would like it to be configuration driven with integration hooks at specific points in data processing in Registration Processor.
  • Registration Client refactoring: into a reference client and platform library.
  • Stubbed config fixes for untested paths.


  • Interface Mutation Test Rig: automated check of code contribution to check possible interface mutation before merging.
  • Unit mutation testing: identify the real code coverage using automated mutation of unit tests.


  • Starter Security Test Rig : automated known attacks on MOSIP client and server instances. Open ended


  • Database Sharding: ability to continue running the MOSIP DB on commodity hardware as it grows. Covers sharding and resharding strategies.
  • High Availability: Data store replication
  • Disaster Recovery: Cross datacenter operations and failover
  • Data Center Ops: Health and performance monitoring of the infrastructure.
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