Contributor's Guide

Where to start ?

That's it! You have bootsrapped yourself into the world of MOSIP. Welcome!

Areas of contribution ?

Well, there are many things that you could get involved with, like

  • Requirements and design

    • Tell us about new requirements

    • Review design and architecture

  • Coding

    • Fix issues

    • Review code

    • Triage bugs

    • Report bugs

  • Testing

    • Run tests on unstable builds

    • Add tests

    • Fix test scripts

    • Generate test data

  • Documentation

    • Correct documentation

    • Test documentation and report doc issues

    • Fix doc issues

    • Localize documents (French, Arabic, Spanish are most needed now!)

Can you fix an issue?

Very good! Submit a pull request. See the code submission guidelines.

Did you find an issue OR do you have an enhancement request?

Great! We would love to hear from you. Submit it in our issues repository. Please see the issue reporting guidelines.

Running and enhancing tests

For the quality gurus and the testing geeks! Join the MOSIP testers group where you get to contribute towards improving the quality of MOSIP releases making it stable and better adoptable. Lots of material about MOSIP functional test rig such as building and running the test rig, documentation to modify code, test scripts, test data generation have been made available.

Getting in touch!

We are here to help you!

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