Guide to Configure MOSIP for Biometrics

MOSIP can be configured to work with proxy implementation and multiple biometric modalities (fingerprint, iris and face). Below are configurations to enable biometrics in MOSIP.

Registration Client

Adding SDK in classpath

Biometric Windows SDK (jar file) should be placed in lib folder after extracting Registration-Client zip file, and then execute run.bat file.

Enabling MDS integration

The below property should updated to enable MDS integration. This property is present in file.


Registering biometric devices for registration

Enabling biometric for officer and supervisor

Biometric authentication for officer and supervisor can be enabled by updating the is_active column to true in mosip_master.app_authentication_method table. List of processes for which biometric authentication can be enabled in registration client

  • packet_auth (Authentication when packet is created)

  • login_auth (Login to registration client)

  • exception_auth (Authentication when an exception packet is created)

  • eod_auth (Authentication for apporoving EOD packets)

By default, username password based authentication is enabled for all the above processes.

Enabling local de-duplication

Below properties should be enabled for performing local de-duplication. These properties are present in config file


Registration Processor

Configuring ABIS queue

ABIS queue can be configured in RegistrationProcessorAbis-env.json file. registration-processor-abis-middleware-stage communicates to ABIS through queue configured. It sends request to inbound queue address and receives response from outbound queue address. If there are multiple ABIS, then it can be added in same file.

ID Authentication

Adding SDK in classpath

Below properties should be set in id-authentication-{env}.properties. The classes configured below will be loaded in classpath during application initialization.

ida.fingerprint.provider=<fully qualified classname of Biometric SDK>
ida.face.provider=<fully qualified classname of Biometric SDK>  
ida.iris.provider=<fully qualified classname of Biometric SDK>
ida.composite.biometric.provider=<fully qualified classname of Biometric SDK>

Registering biometric devices for authentication

  • Register Device Provider - Device Provider can be registered with MOSIP using Register Device Provider API

  • Register MDS - MDS can be registered with MOSIP using Register MDS API

  • Register Device - Biometric device can be registered using MOSIP using Register Device API

  • Update the code of the registered device to the serial number of the device in register_device_master and register_device_master_h table.

Encrypting biometric data from MDS

In order to capture encrypted biometrics from MDS, MDS should use Mosip Public Key. This key should be generated in MOSIP with IDA-FIR as reference-ID for Parter-based Individual Authentication and 'INTERNAL' as reference-ID for Internal Authentication.

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