This document contains the features that were developed or enhanced as part of MOSIP 1.1.2 release.


  • Kernel Log Manager has been modified.

    • Logging framework has been changed from log4j to logback.

    • Spring Sleuth has been integrated in Kernel Log Manager.

  • Data Share Module has been added to share data inform of sharable URLs to external entities.

  • Packet Manager has been modified to support creating and reading packets as per our new packet structure.

  • Multiple adapters (Posix, S3 & Swift) have been added to connect with Object Stores.

  • The passwords in configuration data is now encrypted and stored.

  • APIs to add Certificate Authority & Sub-Certificate Authority has been added.

  • Kernel Key Manager has been modified.

    • Key Manager related tables have been moved to a new database.

    • Support for Offline encryption & decryption has been added for encryption in Registration Client.

    • Support for PIN based encryption and decryption has been added.

  • Integration with multiple Real HSMs was done.

  • Web Sub has been added to integrate with external componets like Print & Postal service providers.

  • Open ID Adapter was developed, so that MOSIP would be able to connect with any IAM provider.

  • Commons repository re-structuring has been done to merge common components.


  • Feature to upload exported packets from Registration Client has been added.

  • Feature to bulk insert, upload or delete - master data using csvs has been added.

  • The APIs for Devices, Machines and Users have been modified to support mapping & unmapping of Registration Centers.

  • The database for master data has been modified.

    • Unwanted tables have been reviewed to removed.

    • Mapping tables have been removed & one-to-one mappings have been added to respective tables.

    • Device Regitration tables have been moved to new database.


  • Services in Pre-registration are re-organized to merge common services together.

  • Documents are now being stored in Object Store using our new Object Store adapters.

  • UI has been modified to resolve usability issues.

    • Support to capture age and date of birth has been added.

    • Calender has been removed for date of birth capture, instead text fields for capturing Date, Month & Year has been added.

Registration Client

  • Packet creation is now being performed using the new Packet Manager.

  • UI has been modified to resolve usability issues.

    • Back button has been added in login screen to update the username.

    • Biometric capture screens have been updated.

    • UI has been resposive for Single & Multi-language.

    • Templates in Registration Client have been modified.

  • Export to Device feature is now available to export packets to external hard drive.

  • Direct call to notification service has been removed. Now, notification for registration would be sent to resident when packet reaches the server.

  • Sync data is now being encrypted using TPM.

  • Implementation for Proxy MDS has been removed.

Registration Processor

  • Implementation in Registration Processor has been made to read packets using the new Packet Manager.

  • Packets are now being stored in Object Store using the object store adapter.

  • Biometrics are now being shared to ABIS using a data share URL.

  • Data is being sent to Manual Adjudicator using data share URLs.

ID Repository

  • ID Repository has been moved from commons to a new repository.

  • Extraction module has been added to extract biometrics into templates using biometric extract SDKs.

  • Credential Issuance module has been added to share credentials based on policy.


  • Authentication Transaction has been modified to store tokens instead of storing encrypted UIN or VID.

  • Implementation has been made to support capture of consent token in header for authentication request.

  • Authentication token generation is now driven by authentication policy for the partner.

  • Locking/unlocking of authentication for an individual has been moved to ID Repository.

  • Integration with Web Sub was done to receive ID details from ID Repository.

Partner Management

  • Partner Management APIs have been created, to support,

    • Self-registration of various types of partners (like, device providers, FTM providers, authentication partners, credential partners, etc.)

    • Device & FTM Make-Model registration.

    • Secure Biometric Interface registration.

    • Approvals of the above by the Partner administrator.

  • Policy Management has been modified to support authentication as well as data share policies.

Resident Services

  • Demographic update implementation has been updated to create update packet using the new Packet Manager.

  • Credential Issuance has been added using ID Repository's credential issuance module.

  • API for verifying the credential issuance and print request status has been added.

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