The registration client is a thick Java-based client where the resident's demographic and biometric details are captured along with the supporting documents in online or offline mode. The captured information is packaged in a secure tamper-proof way and send to the server for processing.

Registration client must provide the following :

  • Secure way of capturing an individual's demographic and biometric data. The captured data must be cryptographically secure such that the data cannot be tampered with. This is called a registration packet.

  • Interfaces to biometric devices that comply to industry standards. This ensure that any device manufactured as per standards will work with MOSIP.

  • Works in online and offline mode. In remote areas where internet connectivity is a challenge, the registration client must work in offline mode.

  • Remote software update capability. There must be a way to self-update to latest patches/upgrades (bug fixes/enhancements) in a remote way. There could be hundreds of client instances running on laptops/desktops. Updates on all of them must be controlled a central server.

  • Tamper-proof client software. The registration client must have an ability to validate the structure of the information captured so that it could detect any anomoly due to a possible manual tampering and reject the captured packet.

Detailed functionality

Registration Functionality

Process flow

Registration officer Onboarding

Registration preparation

Individual registration

Packet upload

End of day (EOD) process

UIN update

Lost UIN

Software update

Logical view

Component architecture

Registration packet structure

All the registration information is zipped and encrypted in a packet and sent to the server. The structure of the packet is given here.

Registration client reference application

MOSIP provides an Windows-based reference implementation of the client that has a UI and the business logic to perform the above process flows. The code, design, App setup, build documentation is available in registration client repo. The App may be modified according to a country's need.

Registation client setup guide

First user on-boarding


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