Known Issues
This document contains the list of known issues that were identified as part of MOSIP LTS Pre-release 1 during our testing cycle.
    This release doesn't have any upgrade scripts, hence, upgrading from 1.1.5 to LTS Pre-release 1 is not possible. For now, this release is made for a fresh installation only.
    Infant demographic data update is not possible as part of this release.
    In this release generation of temporary VIDs for children is not possible
    Demographic update via resident service APIs is not possible.
    In the admin portal has multiple issues,
      Packet status is not working
      The user can view centres from zones to which he/she doesn't belong, which might lead to issues while updating the centre details.
      When a user is mapped to a centre & zone, the user-centre mapping is active but user-zone mapping is in-active.
      When the mapping for a user is being removed then the user-centre mapping is removed but the user-zone mapping remains as-is.
      Packet upload through the admin portal is not working
      The feature to clone data is not working in the admin portal
      Key manager UI in admin portal has few issues
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