Roadmap Activities
As of Feb 2020
The Roadmap consists of 5 bucket of features that we want to develop and contribute over the coming year: Functionality, Modularity, Testing, Security and Scale.


    Master Data sync: allow different installations to have their own master data, and sync is without code changes with the Registration Cient
    Interoperatbility of MOSIP auth with other instances (eIDAS Connector). Support for credential management.
    Configurable UI: A simple UI for the Human User Facing API of MOSIP that responds to changes in configuration as without need for reprogramming.
    Mobile App:
      Android Reg Client
      IOS Reg Client
      Online Registration
      Resident app
    Reporting and Analytics Framework: to support canned reports and realtime dashboard atop a common data infrastructure.
    Other Functional Backlog in Registration Processor, Auth and Admin


    Data Enrichment Rigidity: allow data input from existing functional ID systems for verification and / or updation. Currently this mechanism is very fluid, we would like it to be configuration driven with integration hooks at specific points in data processing in Registration Processor.
    Registration Client refactoring: into a reference client and platform library.
    Stubbed config fixes for untested paths.


    Interface Mutation Test Rig: automated check of code contribution to check possible interface mutation before merging.
    Unit mutation testing: identify the real code coverage using automated mutation of unit tests.


    Starter Security Test Rig : automated known attacks on MOSIP client and server instances. Open ended


    Database Sharding: ability to continue running the MOSIP DB on commodity hardware as it grows. Covers sharding and resharding strategies.
    High Availability: Data store replication
    Disaster Recovery: Cross datacenter operations and failover
    Data Center Ops: Health and performance monitoring of the infrastructure.
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