Android Registration Client 0.9.0

Release Name: Android Registration Client v0.9.0

Release version: 0.9.0

Support: Beta Release

Release Date: 26th February, 2024


The Android Registration Client is a tablet application designed to provide a mobile version of the existing desktop Registration Client. It has been developed to ensure accessibility on all Android devices and was created to meet the mobility needs of countries implementing MOSIP.

The main goal of the tablet application is to simplify the registration process for residents, particularly those who are unable to visit registration centers in person. It also aims to reach remote areas where establishing registration centers is difficult. The Android Registration Client allows Operators and Supervisors to efficiently reach these remote locations and increase resident registrations nationwide.

The new features included in this release, along with those from the Android Registration Client DP1 release, are:

  • Device Trust validation- This feature is introduced since the Android Registration Client will not accept biometrics from any non-trusted biometric application.

  • Transliteration- Ability to transliterate to another language upon entering the data

  • Combatibility with real SBI

  • Audit

  • Operator/Supervisor Login (offline and online)

a. Multilingual Support for display of labels (LTR)

b. Multilingual Support for Data Entry (LTR)

  • Auto sync / Manual sync

  • Enhanced new registration capabilities:

    • Streamlined New Registrations Consent

    • Demographic Details

    • Document Upload

    • Biometrics capture

    • Preview Section

    • Operator Authentication

    • Packet Synchronization

    • Packet Upload

    • Acknowledgment Section

Note: Compatible with MOSIP version 1.2.0

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Build and Deploy

To access the build and read through the deployment instructions, refer to the Developer Guide.


For details related to Android Registration Client configurations, refer to the Configuration Guide.

User Guide

To learn more about the available features, processes, and user interface, refer Android Registration User Guide for further information.

Known Issues

To view the list of known issues, refer here.

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